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We all know the benefits of eating locally grown produce. Freshly picked vegetables retain more of their nutrients and taste SO MUCH BETTER. Carbon footprint decreases by every mile those carrots aren't trucked, flown and cold stored. And what's more local than your own backyard? Answer: your bedroom.

A remarkable number of vegetables grow well inside. And the indoor temperatures most humans like (65 to 75) appeal to a lot of plants as well. Light really becomes the main limiting factor. Enter grow light...for spinach. If you're picturing Walter White in a warehouse, don't. There are plenty of mid-century lover compatible options with low physical footprints. We loved this one from Click and Grow. 


Some great veggies to try first inside:

1. THINK SMALL: Microgreens

According to Anna Burke, obsessive gardener and freelance writer, the easiest vegetables to grow inside are microgreens. These delicacies of green require very little space and grow quickly. 

2. the SUPERHERO: Kale

Kale is another indoor star. While Kale raised inside won't grow as large as it will outdoors, the taste will pack the same punch. 

3. some like it hot: Arugula

This peppery friend likes cooler temperatures making it another great candidate to try indoors. Each plant will give you more than one harvest as you cut the larger leaves and leave the smaller to continue growing. 

4. what's up: CARROTS

Carrots need a fair amount of light but remain a good indoor choice.  They will certainly be shorter than their outdoor pals but will taste great.  Replant a new batch every two weeks to literally keep the carrots growing all year long inside.

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